The word is as poetic as the event
James Crombi

A Starling murmuration is breathtaking to watch. The birds, in the hundreds or even thousands taking flight and move collectively forming an amazing flowing ethereal dance. It is mesmerizing.


Below you will see photo stills of the birds in different formations.


Artists have tried to capture the sight in paintings, drawings, and even plastic bags using Photoshop to recreate the magic of the murmuration.

Look at these images I found of artists creating their versions.

Murmuration over Missouri, Watercolor, Anni Friesen
"Murmuration" acrylic, Mark McDowell
Murmurations, ink on paper, by Shabs Beigh
  • Do you think there is anyone getting close to representing the phenomenon?
  • People have been attempting to capture nature on the canvas for a very long time. What do you think compels them?


  • Watch this video to see a murmuration in action.
  • If you want to spot a starling murmuration, your best chance would be at sundown before they settle to roost.
  • Learn why and how the birds form murmurations.