Wonder Wander is a fun and engaging public art app that allows users to locate, engage with, and learn about artwork and the artist who created it. Created by an art educator for art adventurers of all ages.

An Art Adventure In Your Pocket!

Discover public art in your community

Learn about the art, the artist, and how the art was made

Engage with See, Say, and Do activities for each piece


Artist of the Week
- Current, living artist. Embrace the work of under represented artists
- Local public art
- Magic in the world around you -wonder-
Art Feature
- Tell
- Show with video
- Slideshow


- Words
- Poetry
- Uploaded Art
- Share opinions, preferences, interpretations


- Make Art
- Be Inspired to me
- Share
- Experience
- Webinar *, Facebook Live, Zoom?

Check out our online school, Wonder Wander Studio! We offer art lessons and activities that build technique while relaxing the body and mind. Learn more about our courses and find more information about Wonder Wander Studio by clicking the link below.
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