Symmetry is overrated. Overrated is symmetry. 😝 -Larry Wall

Blue and Yellow by Carmen Herrera
Symmetry is overrated. Overrated is symmetry. 😝 -Larry Wall


Look at the following examples of symmetry in art. Some of the images like "Blue and Yellow" above also swap colors like a Yin Yang symbol. Notice how these images make you feel.

Cherry Pop Diptych by Willa Heart

Swan, Rush and Iris, 1875, Walter Crane (1845-1915)

Duality by RC Torres

“Green and Orange” (1958) Carmen Hererra. Collection of Paul and Trudy Cejas


The attraction to symmetry is considered a universal cultural phenomenon. In art, pure symmetry can sometimes feel predictable or even boring. Of the examples above, which was your favorite and why?



Carmen Herrera

Carmen Herrera (b.1915) is a Cuban-American abstract, minimalist visual artist and painter. She was born in Havana and has lived in New York City since the mid-1950s. Herrera's abstract works have brought her international recognition late in life.

Read more about Herrera's complicated career in this New York Times article,  A 101-Year-Old Artist Finally Gets Her Due at the Whitney.