La Bora winds can reach up to speeds equivalent to a Category 4 Hurricane.

Roberto Pastrovicchio. Analisi Catabatica #03
La Bora winds can reach up to speeds equivalent to a Category 4 Hurricane.
Roberto Pastrovicchio. Analisi Catabatica #03 / data 20.11.2011 / ora/hour 15.30 / velocità raffica / guts speed 91,08 Km/h.

Katabatic Analysis is a personal, creative method to represent the gusts of the Bora wind through their effects on material objects – in my specific case, broken umbrellas lying abandoned in the streets of Trieste. By associating each umbrella photographed to the weather data of the day in which they were collected, I have started creating what I like to call an “aesthetic catalogue” of the Bora and its gusts.


Analisi Catabatica #02 / data 20.11.2011 / ora 14.00 / velocità raffica 90,36 Km/h

Analisi Catabatica #01 / data 20.11.2011 / ora 11.00 / velocità raffica 98,28 Km/h

The Bora hits the Adriatic coast of Trieste, Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro. It can blow up to 200 kph [124.2 mph] in Trieste.

But, from December 22nd-25th, 2003, on the A1 highway near SvetiRokTunnel, a new record was measured at 304 kph [188.9 mph]. Other artists have attempted to capture the essence of the Bora wind in Trieste. (Intrieste Magazine)



Trieste, Gone with the wind, Enrico Del Maria


  • How does the weather where you live affect your life?
  • What things do you experience that would shock or surprise someone who doesn’t live in your area? Please share!!


  • Send some wind to the Wind Museum in Trieste. When it arrives in Trieste, it will join the prestigious ranks of other “wind ambassadors” whose bottled donations make up the Museo Della Bora’s eclectic wind archive.
  • Visit the wind museum in Trieste, Museo Della Bora.
  • Create an artwork that demonstrates the wind in some way.


Roberto Pastrovicchio

I’m an advertising, still life, and fine art photographer based in Trieste, Italy. I spent my childhood immersed in nature, and I liked collecting rocks and minerals, drawing trees, and running in the woods. Soon I discovered the true meaning of creativity thanks to my art school teacher and well-known local artist Giorgio Cisco. It was Cisco who helped inspire me through the drawing of weird landscape pictures, experimenting with several techniques combining both vibrant and contrasting colours. This creative flare was also prevalent during my university years studying geology. The skills I learned while conducting scientific research in the field sparked my passion for artistic research, letting me find my way into photography.


minimalism, soya sauce, being a father, silence in the fog, cats yawning, woods in the rain, my wife's optimism, Murakami's universe, changing diapers, wild strawberry picking, Einaudi's primavera, veg food, the bora wind blowing in wintertime, Ian McEwan's novels, the sax in terminal frost at 2:46, lonely mountain roads, open water swimming (pastrovicchio)